Mary A Molloy

March 27th
Career Development Webinar
How Important is Career Development in Retaining and Motivating your top Employees?

In this webinar, Mary will explore 2 key issues for corporations from a Learning and Development perspective:

  • How can we retain our valued employees and further develop their
    careers while increasing their motivation?
  • What should Learning and Development’s role be in this?

Mary will discuss the importance and the impact of work/life balance in terms of employee productivity, performance and retention. She will provide some innovative ideas around Career Development, Motivation and Retention that have been used by top corporations.

Join Business Planning and Life Planning expert

Mary A Molloy, in a content-filled engaging Webinar on
Wednesday, March 27th

In this webinar Mary will show you that Work/Life balance and
innovative Career Retention and Motivation is
not only possible for your employees,
it is achievable!

Mary’s process is practical and effective. It is sure to help anyone facing
major life choices.”

— Stedman Graham, author of You Can Make It Happen and Identity: Your Passport to Success