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The Power of Teamwork

As I mentioned in my last blog, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a 2 day strategy session with the Women’s Prosperity Network in Fort Lauderdale, FL. For me, one of the most powerful exercises that we did was to work with the people at our table in a mastermind session. Each of us had come into the room with the answers to several questions – one being, “What are your goals for 2013?” Each of us then picked one goal and discussed it with the team at our table.

Each person in the room was powerful in his/her own right. Each table claimed that they had the best team! We all thought that was funny bur in truth, nothing in life happens by accident. We were all exactly where we should be. So we all really did have the best team – for us.

My team consisted of 4 extremely powerful women, Chris Marcelle, Bron Stich, Terri Pinder and Inessa Zaleski. The goal that I posed for myself is that I will sell 20,000 copies of Design Your Own Destiny in 2013.

Once I posed the question and explained what Design Your Own Destiny is, the ideas came flying in!! I couldn’t write them down fast enough! They were things that I would NEVER have thought up on my own! Each woman at my table bought a book. They laughed and said, “Now you only have to sell 19,996!” Chris propped her copy up on the center of our table and said, “Everyone else has to see this book and hear about it. This is what we do here at WPN. We encourage each other and buy from each other. You have no idea how many people need this book and will want to buy it!” Wow, what encouragement – from every one of my powerful teammates who were now my colleagues, my sisters and my friends!

Mary Molloy

Mary and Trish Carr

At one point, Nancy Matthews and Trish Carr asked me if I would like to donate the last remaining copy that I brought with me as a raffle item. I said, “Absolutely”. Trish asked me to come up and describe Design Your Own Destiny. As I described its contents and described how the methodology works, I told the story of how Design Your Own Destiny was initially created as a tool to help homeless women no longer be homeless. Trish turned to me and said, “No, not 20,000 books sold. That’s too low. It’s not high enough. 100,000 sold!” The whole room cheered!

After the raffle, women came up to me and hugged me! I took orders for my book (as my team had predicted) and sold a copy to 25% of the attendees! Wow!

As I reflect back on the event, I have to pose the question to all of us. Who is on your team? Who is helping you to get from “here” to “there” – wherever “there” is for you? AND, are those on your team pushing you further? Are they questioning your goals and saying, “Is it enough? Can you stretch it a bit further?” Are you responding YES, YES, YES?

Mary Molloy

Laura Newman, Terri Pinder, Bron Stich, Michelle Straka, Mary Molloy and Bobbie King

Of course, all work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull people. This being said, a group of us went out to the Field Irish Pub and Eatery to hear their fabulous Irish music! At the dinner, again, the Universe provided me with a group of people who came together as a team. We covered more ground in 2 hours than any one of us could have covered in 2 weeks. We spoke of our personal lives, our business lives, our thoughts, our ideas – what we were trying to accomplish. Each woman not only supported the other, she encouraged her with wisdom and kind words.

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Do they support you? Do they encourage you? Do they actively help you to grow?

If ‘yes’, keep it up! You are surrounding yourself with people who will help you to evolve to the next level of you.

If ‘no’, change who you are surrounding yourself with. Our environment rubs off on us.


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  1. I too enjoyed connecting with the women at our table and I am looking forward to staying in touch. There is nothing stronger than the support of committed, powerful women!

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