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The Power of Saying, “YES, YES, YES!”

Mary Molloy

Mary and Nancy Matthews

I recently had the privilege to attend a strategy session of the Women’s Prosperity Network in Fort Lauderdale, FL. WPN is a wonderful organization that was founded by 3 sisters, Nancy Matthews (the “Visionary with Guts”), Trish Carr (the Master of Accountability) and Susan Wiener (the Master of Operations). This organization focuses on the empowerment of its members through education, coaching and support. Our task during 2 intensive days was to create the plan to change our goals from purely vision to a practical plan.

Mary Molloy

Mary and Trish Carr

As we went through the 2 days, I was struck by the energy and enthusiasm in the room as well as the positive focus on results and encouragement. WPN drives home the thought of not only saying YES to yourself and the opportunities around you, it says poses the question, “Why say only a single YES? Why not say YES, YES, YES?”

I started to think about this. We are all faced with opportunities and options that come our way. Just the fact of living presents not only constant change but constant opportunity. It just depends on how we look at things.

So if we look at change and being opportunity and we make the assertion that we are where we are for a reason, then how are we judging the opportunities that are presented to us? Are we saying, “YES, YES, YES” to the Universe or “Maybe, Maybe, Maybe” or “No, No, No”?

By opening up ourselves to YES, YES, YES, we provide the Universe a platform to present more and more opportunities.

January is the time of year when many people set forth their goals for the new year.

Are you opening up this year with “YES, YES, YES – bring it on, Universe, I AM ready for more life”?
I AM!!! YES, YES, YES!!!

I AM is the most powerful phrase known to mankind.

Are you?


5 Responses to The Power of Saying, “YES, YES, YES!”

  1. Trish Carr says:

    Thank you Mary for the wonderful things you say about WPN. And thank you for so brilliantly sharing the “Yes, Yes, Yes” philosophy. That one little word can make the difference between success and…well you know, that other thing. 🙂
    Appreciate you Mary!

  2. Cat Wagman says:

    Thank you, Mary for being a part of the WPN Level Up program and for sharing your insights with the entire group. “Yes, Yes, Yes” does reaffirm what we as individual members, mastermind partners, and Women’s Prosperity Network as a group, all have in common … the deep desire to support and celebrate each others’ successes, and to be there for each other when the need arises. Thank you.

  3. Judee Light says:

    I am going through old email . . . and just now saw this! I love it. Thank you, Mary.

    And I’m with you all the way: YES, YES, YES – bring it on, Universe, I AM ready for more life. I AM!!! YES, YES, YES!!!


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