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Sick and Tired of Your Life?
Mary A. Molloy Will Guide You to Your Best Self!

What if you could have the life you always wanted? What if it wasn’t as hard as you thought? What if instead of always asking “What if?” you decided to dive in and design the destiny of your dreams? That opportunity is here now in Design Your Own Destiny: Life Planning for the 21st Century Whether it’s looking for a job or trying to figure out the next steps to take in a relationship, award-winning author, speaker and life planner Mary A. Molloy takes readers to a place where possibilities become realities. Combining years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and clients all over the globe, Mary provides the answers to how people can make it happen. Examining the complete life with deeper connections Molloy helps people to:

  • Find work/life balance.
  • Create tangible goals.
  • Put plans into action.
  • See results and measure success.

Whether it’s changing roles, changing perspectives or challenging the status quo, Mary helps readers take
control and not leave what is most important to chance. She shows readers step-by-step how to break down
the complex process of changing one’s life so that everyone gets a personalized and manageable way to
make their dreams happen.

She dreams of being a dancer. What is your dream?

Inspired by a talk she gave to twenty-five homeless women — many of whom took her Life Designs and were able to leave the shelter Design Your Own Destiny will help you create the life you want to lead!
“Mary’s process is practical and effective. It is sure to help anyone facing major life choices.”
Stedman Graham, author of You Can Make it Happen, and Identity: Your Passport to Success

Mary A. Molloy is a speaker, life planner, business owner and award- winning author. She knows how to communicate strategies that lead to success. Whether working with IBM and leading training workshops with companies like HP/Compaq Computer Corporation, Microsoft, Motorola, Siemens Healthcare — or one-on-one; from New Zealand to Korea — and even back home in America — her extensive travels and experience speaking to tens of thousands of people give her a special perspective. Mary is able to assist people in seeing their potential and how to reach their goals and dreams. She has been recognized for her achievements through the YWCA’s Woman of the Year Award and Digital Equipment Corporation’s “Instructor Excellence Award.” Her previous book (co-authored with Michael K. Molloy),

The Buck Starts Here:

Sales and Marketing Made Easy, was a Clarion Award winner. Mary lives in New Hampshire.

What People are Saying About Design Your Own Destiny

“Mary has a powerful message and a concrete process to share with the world. Her book is a powerful contribution to humanity that could change your life!”— Marc Allen, author of Visionary Business, The Millionaire Course and publisher of New World Library

“Mary’s methods and tools are concrete, practical, easy to use and understand.” ~ Susan Kimper, MSN, RN-BC Nursing Director

“Mary’s uncanny ability to easily apply and adapt business skills to help people personally achieve what they never thought they could is nothing short of brilliant.” ~ Laura T. Rivela, L.C.S.W.-R, B.C.D. Division Director, Behavioral Health, Family Service League, Inc.

“Outstanding contribution to everyone’s personal development … a process for simplifying the complexity in life’s choices.” ~ Deborah Slobodnik, Principal, Options for Change, LLC

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