Mary A Molloy

Work Life Balance

For most of us, life these days is more stressful than ever. We need to balance our work lives with our personal lives. If we don’t do this, one or the other will suffer. What this implies is aconscious decision to analyze how to bring your WHOLE life into your ‘ideal’ balance. To this end, I have created tools that focus on the balance of the work life and personal life of various professions.

This need became apparent to me when I was asked to train a group of 25 franchise owners in time management. These people held the franchises for 50 Herbal Medicine stores in Australia and the US. My feedback to the corporate owners was, “I can teach your people time management but how do they determine how best to utilize their time?” The management team agreed and with this, I created a tool to help these entrepreneurs manage their work/life balance. After the training session, one of the franchise owners came up to me and said, “Did you notice at one point how quiet we all were?” I said, “Yes, come to think of it, I did notice.” He replied, “We were quiet because you showed us everything we need to do to be in balance and successful!”

Due to the shortage of nurses, I was asked to speak to 54 healthcare managers on the need for work/life balance of nursing professionals. In thinking about the burnout rate of nurses, I put together a work life balance tool that focuses on helping healthcare professionals balance the major components of their jobs. These balance assessments are intended to be created by the nurse and shared with the nurse manager and the Human Resources organization for feedback. The assessment then is put into the job plan of the nurse. A compilation of the results from all of the nurses then forms a training need/mandate for the healthcare organization. A personal life balance tool is provided to the nurses as well and this tool is not intended to be shared with anyone.

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