Mary A Molloy

Life Planning Offerings

My unique life planning methodology focuses on you and how you can create a plan to live the life of your dreams. I do this in a very focused manner where I look at the “whole” of you and your work/life balance. Together we determine if you are in balance or out of balance. If you are out of balance, my methodology assists you to determine how to bring yourself back in to balance.
But my methodology doesn’t stop there! It then focuses on who you are, what is important to you, what gives you joy in life and what are your dreams. From there, we build the plan to achieve the life of your dreams!
There are times in life, though, when we all face decision points. Should I do this and go this way – or do that and go that way? My life planning methodology creates an analysis tool based on what is important to you. This tool helps you to determine which way is the best way for you to go!


Group Webinars are offered to help you to create YOUR OWN life plan in a hands-on environment. I do this through teaching segments combined with group hands-on life planning segments where you use my Excel based software to create your own life plan.
One-on-One Life Planning Sessions are offered to individuals who would like me to work with them to create a powerful life plan that focuses on the achievement of their dreams.
Ongoing Life Coaching is offered to people who have created their life plans but would like assistance in strategizing, adjusting and measuring their life plans.


Group Webinars are offered in 2 two-hour segments where I take you through each component of my life planning methodology and teach you how to build your own life plan. Included in this offer is my hot new book, Design Your Own Destiny – Life Planning for the 21st Century. I have also included your choice of a workbook or a software tool in Excel for you to create your plan. The fee for the Group Webinar is $297 per person.


Individual One-on-One Life Planning sessions are done over a 4-6 hour timeframe depending on your needs. During this session, we will use my Design Your Own Destiny life planning methodology to create the life plan of your dreams. Included in the $997 Individual Life Plan fee is one follow up coaching session which should be scheduled three weeks after the completion of your life plan.


Ongoing Life Coaching sessions consist 6 half-hour sessions conducted every two to four weeks [depending on your need] where in a one-on-one conversation we assess where you are against your plan [are you “on target” or “off target”] and how to get you to where you want to go in the timeframe that you want to get there. Together we adjust and measure your life plan brainstorming how to most effectively get you from where you are NOW to where you ultimately want to go. Additional life coaching sessions can be purchased and scheduled upon if needed.

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