Mary A Molloy

Career Development

Are You Designing Your Own CAREER’S Destiny?

Since we launched Design Your Own Destiny last fall, it has taken on a life of its own and has easily moved to a new level. A major corporation asked me to tailor the materials to their employees. They needed to improve the Work/Life balance of their employees as well as put together a program for Career Development and Rewards & Recognition.

In a 7 hour workshop done virtually, Design Your Own Destiny was used as the basis for career development plans for people around the world.

Here are just a few comments from the Design Your Own Destiny training participants:

  • This training was an eye opener for us
  • This will help me to take the initiative to drive my career and balance, rather than others
  • I now have a clear view to take better decisions
  • Well done. A good use of time.
  • Extremely applicable
  • I learned a cool way to think through work life and charting my future
  • Did not realize how much I could get from this
  • Less stress, more outcomes for my company, happy family, happy me
  • Provides tools to individuals and forces them to think about what’s important to them

Of course, this session can be done face to face as well as virtually

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