Mary A Molloy

Your “Bucks” Starts Here

Are you Designing Your Own BUSINESS’ Destiny?

Let’s face it. The economy is still a challenge to many businesses today. Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur or a major corporation, everyone is focused on revenue and business development. Those who are thinking ahead are not only focused on today’s reality, they are asking themselves if they are prepared for business growth tomorrow when the opportunity comes to them.


I ask you the same question. Are you? Are you focusing on driving revenue? Are you positioned for growth? Are you putting the actions in place today that will benefit you NOW and also TOMORROW?

Forward thinking companies are asking for The Buck Starts Here hands-on workshops to design their own business’ destinies!

In a virtual or face-to-face session, your Sales & Marketing people + The Buck Starts Here business planning methodology = increased revenue, increased margins, increased market share and increased customers!

If you are in a business that wants to make more money and serve your clients better – as well as your family and yourself, contact me! Through The Buck Starts Here business planning methodology, I can help you to not only achieve your revenue goals, but to over-achieve them!

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