Mary A Molloy

The Buck Starts Here

The Buck Starts Here Profit Based Sales and Marketing Made Easy is a “must have” for anyone who needs to sell or market a product or service profitably. The book focuses on how to stop spending money on Sales and Marketing activities that cannot be evaluated and start investing money in programs that accomplish specific, quantified, measurable business objectives.
Based on a highly-successful training program, The Buck Starts Here provides an innovative Sales and Marketing methodology that will help you get the most from your Sales and Marketing investment. It provides the tools you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your current programs, and offers solutions to challenges that work in the real world.

The Buck Starts Here helps you address tough questions such as:

  • Are we spending too much/too little on sales and marketing?
  • What impact is our sales and marketing investments having on revenue?
  • How do we attract new customers?
  • How do we introduce new products?
  • What’s working? What’s not working? Why?
  • What channels should we use to sell our products and why?
  • How much will our strategy cost compared to projected revenue?
  • How can we change our sales and marketing strategy to improve our profit?


Here is what others are saying …

“A useful and appropriate framework for Product Managers to develop and implement effective Product Marketing plans. The Molloys’ methodology is both proven and current, and the program makes sense for the super competitive new millenium.”
Arthur Williamson
Sales and Marketing Director, Microsoft International

“The TRB workshop and methodology were key drivers for major change in our Sales and Marketing efforts, producing focus on our new initiatives and immediate business results. These results included substantial pipeline increase, excellent alignment of resources and programs against the business targets and a significant increase in our closure rate.”
Dan Socci
Sales and Marketing Director, Compaq UK Customer Service

“This was one of the most comprehensive, adaptable and logical processes to map/plan the entire business cycle, from building a viable business plan through targeting the market, and the development of a successful and market program that delivers results better than I have ever seen.”
Don Herbener
Vice President and General Manager, BanTec Corporation

The Buck Starts Here method provides a means to insure that scarce marketing resources are used as productively as possible. It can focus activity like a laser, and be applied equally to a local tactical program or a worldwide strategic initiative. It produces results!”
Bill Armitage
Vice President, Digital Equipment Corporation

“The Molloy methodology provides techniques to understand where the business is, who is the target audience, what are their problems, and how to make the biggest impact. In addition, Molloy provided us a way to run the day to day business…By using this process, we realized that the revenue opportunity for our company was many times larger than we had thought, and was much more focused at a specific audience.”
Toni Lee Rudnicki
VP of Sales and Marketing, AMR

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