Mary A Molloy

Design Your Own Destiny

Six easy-to-learn steps create a roadmap to achieve the life you have always wanted

  • Match your talents to your joys in life
  • Analyze what you say about yourself
  • Draw your dreams and achieve them
  • Assess the best option for you based on your values
  • Create a roadmap to get you from “here” to “there”
  • Close the loop by measuring and adjusting your plan

Design Your Own Destiny provides a step-by-step, easy to learn methodology that enables you to create a complete, practical life plan to achieve the life of your dreams! It brings you from where you are now to where you want to go as you focus on gaining and maintaining balance in your life.

Design Your Own Destiny helps you to address tough questions such as:

  • How can I get my life back into balance?
  • How can I deal with the stress in my life?
  • What is my mission in life? Why am I here?
  • How can I create an easy to read and easy to follow roadmap to get me from here to there wherever there is for me?
  • How can I achieve what I’ve always dreamed of?
  • How can I change my life and feel more fulfilled?
  • How can I choose the best options for me?
  • How can I maintain ongoing balance in my life?
  • What happens once I achieve my dreams?

Approach your life so that YOU are directing it instead of it directing you.

We are excited to announce that Design Your Own Destiny Life Planning for the 21st Century will be available in major bookstores and on Amazon in September, 2012. We are taking pre-orders for my new book here and now. Because this launch is so important to me, I am providing anyone who pre-orders a special gift of the Design Your Own Destiny software (valued at $21.95). This software is in Microsoft Excel and by using it, you can create your own life plan electronically. We are offering this to you for the price of the book alone–


Here is what others are saying …

“Mary’s process is practical and effective. It is sure to help anyone facing major life choices.”
—Stedman Graham, author of You Can Make It Happen and Identity: Your Passport to Success

“Mary’s life planning process is a powerful contribution to humanity that could change your life!”
Marc Allen
Author of The Millionaire and Publisher of New World Library

“Mary’s methods and tools are concrete, practical, easy to use and understand.”
Susan Kimper, MSN, RN-BC
Nursing Director

“Mary’s uncanny ability to easily apply and adapt business skills to help people personally achieve what they never thought they could is nothing short of brilliant.”
Laura T. Rivela, L.C.S.W.-R, B.C.D.
Division Director, Behavioral Health, Family Service League, Inc.

“Outstanding contribution to everyone’s personal development … a process for simplifying the complexity in life’s choices.”
Deborah Slobodnik
Principal, Options for Change, LLC

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