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Design Your Own Destiny – Life Planning for the 21st Century provides a step-by-step, easy to learn methodology that you can use to create your own life plan. It brings you from where you are now to where you want to go. In this book, you learn not only how to create the plan of your dreams but also how to measure the plan and adjust it to your real life as day-to-day events and circumstances unfold. The two key premises of this life planning methodology are: first, that every person’s life is most happy and fruitful when they are in balance – and second, that any life plan must look at the person’s whole being – not just bits and pieces of it. This methodology is different from anything else “out there” because of these two key points. It is unique – there is nothing like it. By giving you the tools to help you evaluate which life choices are best for you and then practical tools to create your plan, this book can help you to create the life of your dreams!

2012 Edition Pre-Order
We are excited to announce that Design Your Own Destiny — Life Planning for the 21st Century will be available in major bookstores and on Amazon in September, 2012. We are taking pre – orders for my new book here and now. Because this launch is so important to me, I am providing anyone who pre-orders a special gift of the Design Your Own Destiny software(valued at $21.95). This software is in Microsoft Excel and by using it, you can create your own life plan electronically. We are offering this to you for the price of the book alone–$21.95!

The Buck Starts Here – Profit Based Sales and Marketing Made Easy is a “must have” for anyone who needs to sell or market a product or service profitably. The book focuses on how to stop spending money on Sales and Marketing activities that cannot be evaluated – and start investing money in programs that accomplish specific, quantified, measurable business objectives.

Based on a highly-successful training program, The Buck Starts Here provides an innovative Sales and Marketing methodology that will help you get the most from your Sales and Marketing investment. It provides the tools you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your current programs, and offers solutions to challenges that work in the real world.


The Buck Starts Here helps you address tough questions such as:
• Are we spending too much/too little on sales and marketing?
• What impact is our sales and marketing investments having on revenue?
• How do we attract new customers?
• How do we introduce new products?
• What’s working? What’s not working? Why?
• What channels should we use to sell our products and why?
• How much will our strategy cost compared to projected revenue?
• How can we change our sales and marketing strategy to improve our profit?

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