Mary A Molloy



Business Planning

“The Molloy’s Profit Based Sales and Marketing strategy has assisted me to double and in some cases triple my prices on existing products introduce new products that retailed at up to ten times those of my highest priced items under my old price structure; and increase my sales volume by 44%.”
– Stephen Hodecker, Hodecker Galleries

“Mary’s workshop and methodology was the key driver for major change in our Sales and Marketing efforts, producing focus on our new initiatives and immediate business results. These results included a substantial pipeline increase, excellent alignment of resources and programs against the business targets and a significant increase in our closure rate.”
– Dan Socci, Customer Services, Compaq Computer Corporation, EMEA

“The methodology and tools presented are the most practical and useful that I have seen…our focus is to use the tools to help partners/resellers/distributors (and us) improve business performance. The essence is that the tools are common sense made easy!”
– Ray Whitfield, General Manager of Sales, Australia

“The TRB methodology and workshop developed by Mary Molloy was a perfect fit to bringing our company and several of our key partners together for more effective joint business planning. The comprehensive techniques, combined with Mary’s skills as a process driver resulted in greater collaboration and speed of execution for all and helping one partner reach their sales goal in half the time.”
– Thomas Nutty, Sales Executive

“Mary is one of the most intelligent and passionate people I have had the pleasure to know and work with. She’s a thought – leading marketing professional who consistently and resourcefully produces excellent sales results. She is a sharp, energetic and strategic thinker who can also develop and implement a plan down to the most minor detail to ensure success. Her enthusiastic and courageous attitude together with her ‘can-do’ philosophy will win you over. And as I can personally attest, she truly believes in ‘pay it forward’.”
– Vanessa Fox, Principal, Partners In Productivity

The Buck Starts Here – Profit Based Sales and Marketing Made Easy is exactly that, a quick, easy-to-use formula for achieving quantitative goals. Like a good cookbook, it is systematically developed to ensure results from a proven formula which visually and conceptually shows you how to reach your goals.”
– Leslie Saba, President, Parent’s Helper, manufacturer of the “Be Alert…Children” portable driveway signs

“This was one of the most comprehensive, adaptable and logical processes to map/plan the entire business cycle, from building a viable (achievable) business plan through targeting the market and the development of a successful sales and marketing program which delivers results better than I have ever seen. The investment was well worth it. This approach forces you to evaluate the ugly realities of the market and helps you plan how to run your business better.”
-Don Herbener, Vice President of Multi Vendor Customer Services, Digital Equipment Corporation, Asia Pacific

“The Molloy’s Profit Based Sales and Marketing Program…focuses on results, not activities…It supports better decision making. It disciplines Sales and Product Marketing personnel toward objective, quantifiable, and correctable programs and campaigns…By using the Molloy’s Profit Program in key programs, companies will avoid the “ready – fire – aim” syndrome…We have eliminated dozens of repetitive, non value-added activities required only to meet internal needs. This increased sales productivity by at least 5%. In effect, we gained the productivity of an additional sales professional for free!”
– Robert Welch, Vice President, Domestic Sales, Bytex Corporation

“As I applied the principles of Profit Based Sales and Marketing to my business, I became one of 3 top producers of new business nationally for a large communications group, which eventually led me from “middle of the pack” to lead executive…Anybody selling or marketing that can’t answer the question, “How much money will my next activity cost and what do I stand to earn”, should try this definitive program.”
– Lee Rubenstein, VP Regional Sales Manager, The Caribiner Group/Boston

“A useful and appropriate framework for Product Managers to develop and implement effective Product Marketing plans. The Molloy’s methodology is both proven and current, makes sense in a super-competitive environment.”
– Arthur Williamson, Sales and Marketing Director, Microsoft International

“Results oriented sales and marketing training that focuses on the Sales Cycle and Measurement of the effectiveness of good Sales and Marketing programs! Well done!”
– Ron Rogers, Director of Systems Marketing, Motorola Computer Group

“…Thanks to the Molloy’s clear, step by step approach to Profit Sales and Marketing, we now know exactly what works and what doesn’t, and how to spend launch and lead-generation budgets to get the best results for all future outlets. The extraordinary success of our innovative program is due directly to the Molloy’s solid, no-nonsense guidance.”
– Chris Neil-Jones, People & PC Franchise Program Manager, Digital Equipment Corporation,  Italy

Life Planning

“Mary Molloy has a powerful message and a concrete process to share with the world. Her message is that we can all live the life of our dreams — it’s up to us, it’s a matter of opening up our minds and hearts to the possibilities presented to us from the Universe. Mary’s life planning process has helped many, many people get from where they are to where they dream of being. Her book is a powerful contribution to humanity that could change your life!”
– Marc Allen, author of Visionary Business, The Millionaire and publisher of New World Library

“Mary Molloy’s Life Planning Methodology offers us a smart and innovative approach to personal development. Her uncanny ability to easily apply and adapt business skills to help people personally achieve what they never thought they could is nothing short of brilliant. After completing it for yourself, you will find you, too, will want to share your successes and this remarkable method with others in your life. It really works!”
– Laura T. Rivela, L.C.S.W.-R, B.C.D.

“Our world is going to become a better place one person at a time and Mary Molloy has discovered the many practical secrets that allow you to have your destined best “self actualized” life in this world. I enthusiastically recommend this book to family, friends and patients.”
– Dr. William Evans, Psychiatrist

“Design Your Own Destiny focuses on the balance in life and how to attain and sustain it.”
– Gia Milo-Slagle, Product Manager, McKesson Corporation

“I have worked with Mary Molloy personally and professionally. Her methods and tools are concrete, practical, easy to use and understand and have helped so many people to live the life of their dreams by opening up their minds, hearts and spirits to the possibilities being presented to them. If the reader follows the process this book it offers them a real chance to achieve success. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is motivated to explore their life current situation and use this life planning book to design their own destiny.”
– Susan Kimper, MSN, RN-BC Nursing Director

“Mary Molloy has made an outstanding contribution to everyone’s personal development. She has created a process for simplifying the complexity in life’s choices. As an executive coach, I am recommending this book to all of my clients and friends – it’s guaranteed to make your life’s choices conscious and intentional.”
– Deborah Slobodnik, Principal, Options for Change, LLC

“Mary, during the difficult past few years, I pulled out my Life Plan drawing many times to keep me grounded in what matters most to me.”
– Todd Leo, Financial Advisor, CFP, ChFC

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