Mary A Molloy

Mary’s Mission

We all are trying our best to live our lives to the fullest. Sometimes the “fullest” is just too full! We can’t do it all – no matter how much we try. It’s like Alice in Alice in Wonderland when she is running in the circle with the Red Queen and the Red Queen keeps shouting, “Faster! Faster!” Alice is going as fast as she can – and where is she going? In circles – and that’s what it feels like sometimes. We’re moving as fast as we can but we don’t think that we’re going anywhere.

Our modern age with all of its electronic and instant communications capabilities is blessing – and at the same time it’s not. It’s a blessing in that we can be more productive. We can share information and ideas with others with the click of a button. We can make money virtually and never leave our homes. The opposite of this is that there is an expectation that we are available to others at all times through emails, texts, twitters, etc. Our lives can be open books if we allow them to be.

This being said, my philosophy is that we need to optimize our time so that we can best meet our own needs. Our needs might be personal – time with our families, friends – time to do leisurely activities – time to play. Our needs might also be business related – working to make money – creating a product – starting a business. However we spend our time, I believe that we should spend it well – working at work that we enjoy and using our free time as we see fit.

I’ve had many “lives” – as a junior high, high school and college Math teach – as a Sales Rep for IBM in the New York Garment District – as the President of a Software company – as a Sales Trainer – as a Corporate Executive – and as a business owner.

Awards and Recognitions