Design Your Own Destiny wins the 2013 Clarion Award for best nonfiction book!”

Mary A Molloy

My job is to help people live the life of their dreams – whether it's their business life or it's their personal life, my common sense approach delivers the results needed. I have worked with over 11,000 people of all ages in 39 countries to achieve their life dreams and their business goals. Since I was young, I realized that I have several unique capabilities...


Mary Molloy

"Mary's process is practical and effective. It is sure to help anyone facing major life choices."

— Stedman Graham, author of You Can Make It Happen and Identity: Your Passport to Success

Mary Molloy

"Mary's workshop and methodology produced immediate business results. These results included a substantial pipeline increase, excellent alignment of resources and programs against the business targets and a significant increase in our closure rate."

— Dan Socci, Customer Services, Compaq Computer Corporation, EMEA

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  • Microsoft
  • hp
  • Siemens
  • Motorola
  • Apple
  • Mckesson
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Destiny. Balance. Planning. What do these three things have in common? They are all part of Mary Molloy’s process to help people design their destiny, balance their lives, and plan their futures. Mary writes about her process in her book, …

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